As a follow on to my original 5 Tasks blog post here are some more tasks you could outsource to a virtual assistant.


Your VA can not only generate and send your invoices but can also chase late payers – always such a time consuming and job!

Logging expenses

If you have envelopes or an inbox full of receipts your virtual assistant can sort and print these off for your files, enter the details onto a spreadsheet so they are ready for you to transfer either straight to your tax return or to your accountant. Note: For your VA to do any kind of book-keeping tasks you should ensure they are registered under the HMRC anti-money laundering regulations.

Social media audit

You may have already got around to setting up your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc but if it isn’t generating the interactions or business you hoped for why not get your pages and accounts checked. If your VA offers social media services they can run through an audit and recommend tweaks in your profile or set up that should help.

If you haven’t got your business onto social media yet make that number 1 on this list!

Holiday cover

Yes, just because you own a business doesn’t mean you don’t have time off! Sometimes we need to remember why we went self-employed in the first place – flexibility, more time with the family – sound familiar? Your VA should enable you to take a break and not worry about your business. A VA can field your emails responding to enquiries on your behalf, and schedule posts on your social media to keep your profiles active.

Typing & Transcription

Whether your have your book draft in long hand or patient notes on audio outsourcing to a virtual assistant will almost certainly be quicker and more efficient than typing them up yourself, saving you time and money. Mail merges, newsletters, correspondence and reports can all be taken off your hands.


Interested in outsourcing some of these tasks and saving time and money? Drop me a message using the contact form.

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