The idea of outsourcing to a VA is still fairly new and some small business owners and freelancers might not know what benefits a virtual assistant can bring to them and their business. Below are my Top 10 advantages to hiring a virtual assistant but if you do already use a VA please feel free to comment with any more.

1. You don’t have to share your space

VAs are freelancers. They usually work from home or perhaps a co-working space. Unless specifically agreed beforehand they don’t work in your office. You don’t have to find them a desk or a computer.

2. You get to go on vacation/holiday (and relax!)

Depending on your relationship and how long you have been working together you could have your VA keep an eye on emails while you are away, sending out standard ‘keep warm’ responses or, if they know your business well, your VA can take more of a deputising role. Your VA can monitor your social media accounts and help you schedule updates. However you outsource you get to relax more knowing someone will be keeping an eye on your business while you are away.

3.  You don’t have to sort out PAYE

Your VA is self-employed. This means they sort out their own tax, national insurance, pension, sick and holiday pay.

4.  You only pay for the time you need a VA

Unlike an employee, you only hire and pay for the time you need help. Most VAs offer an hourly rate for short or one-off task, a project rate for a larger specified piece of work, and retainers for set hours each week or month for on-going tasks such as social media updates.

5. You get to do the stuff you love

Hiring a VA to do your admin means you don’t have to do it! You can free up your diary (and your headspace) so you can spend more time on your passion. It’s why you started your business in the first place isn’t it?

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6. Your VA wants to help you.

It’s what they’re good at. It’s their passion. Your VA will help you solve your problems, grow your business and save you time and money.

7. Somone’s got your back

Your virtual assistant wants you to get to where you want to be and for your business to grow. A good VA will help you get there.

8. You get some chill time back

Work-life balance tends to go out the window a bit as the owner of a business. Outsourcing to a VA will help you spend time doing the stuff you like with the people you want rather than having to play admin catch-up at the weekend.

9. You don’t have to do the boring bits

Virtual assistants love admin, paperwork, organising – and they’re good at it! Chances are you prefer to do other stuff otherwise you’d probably be a VA too!

10. Your VA wants your business to succeed

As your relationship builds and your VA learns more about you, your vision and your business they can be a fresh pair of eyes and a new sounding board for your ideas. They may know of more efficient tools or have experience of the new procedures you want to put in place. Think of your VA as a freelance PA.


I know I only said 10 but there’s one biggy to add….

11. We’re a taxable expense!

As long as your VA remains contracted rather than employed then you can put them down as an expense. As with all other expenses make sure you have all the invoices, receipts showing how much you have paid.


Drop me a message today and take the first step towards hiring your own virtual assistant.


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