When did you last send, or receive, a handwritten letter? 

Predictions show that in 2019 around 293.6 billion emails will be sent and received worldwide. Emails, WhatsUp and texting are quick. They’re convenient and efficient for getting your message to its recipient. Bish. Bash. Bosh. Sent. 

However, if you want your reader to notice you and your business, sending a handwritten note is a great way of getting their attention.

According to a survey commissioned by Cunard 54% of Brits have received less than 5 handwritten letters in the last decade, and yet seeing a handwritten letter or card on the door mat is an exciting sign that someone cares.

Feelings count, yes – even in business!

Business can be grey and corporate. Even if you are in a creative industry business to business correspondence is normally formal and formulaic, and rightly so. The messages are important and need to be clear, concise and functional. But let’s be honest rarely do they set pulses racing. 

Receiving a handwritten note makes one feel important. It shows somebody felt it worth his or her time and effort to sit down with a pen and write. No spell check. No back button. No delete. 

Feeling special is always worth celebrating. Clients and customers are more likely to hold on to a hand written note or card. They may keep it pinned up near their desk or decide to share the positivity on their social media. 

When might you send a handwritten letter?

With so many prospecting emails received each day yours may not even be opened let alone read!  A hand written letter on good quality stationery stands out. It will pique your potential client’s interest. You will be remembered.

Send thank you notes and follow-ups on appropriately illustrated post cards. They will show you really did appreciate their business/help/lunch and you value the relationship.

Including a written note in with an order shows a customer their business is important to you. You may not be able to do this for all orders but consider it for high value and extra special customers.

I offer a handwriting service but it would be better coming from you!

Authenticity is important. You are breaking away from corporate formality so write naturally and not forced. Keep it short and simple and if possible write it yourself. 

(If your handwriting is truly dire, or the sentiment is there but you absolutely don’t have the time drop me a message.)