I was asked the other day how I came up with the name Take a Letter Virtual Admin Services so thought I would explain….


Finding the perfect name for your business can be hard work


Do you use your name, a play on words that mean something in your industry, or something that has no relation what so ever? You can spend ages playing around with ideas, come up with what you think is the perfect one, only to find someone beat you to it! It pays to Google your initial ideas and see what comes up before you invest too much time and emotion in a name. However, if you are finding that you can’t move forward with starting your business it may be time to make that decision.


My name already featured in my photography website so it needed to be something else.


Why Take A Letter Virtual Admin Services?


When I was working out my name and niche I thought about the message I wanted my brand to convey. I decided as a trained secretary who learnt to touch type with my hands under a cover so I couldn’t cheat, I should use something that highlighted my extensive experience. I also wanted a name synonymous with efficiency, proficiency and accuracy. At first I worried that people younger than me might not get the reference but Take A Letter kept nagging as did the song Take a Letter Miss Jones from the hit musical Blood Brothers.


I wanted to get across that although I have been working as a administrator, PA and in business support for over 20 years, I am forward-thinking and completely at home on my Mac as I was on the old manual typewriter. I may have learnt my trade at a time of closed punctuation and formal letters but I am highly skilled in today’s office environment.

Incidentally, in one of my positions back in the mid 80s I was shown into a small office with a desk, a huge VDU and tower hard drive. I was given a box of 10 workbooks and floppy discs and told I had a week to teach myself MS-Dos and Word Processing! Throughout my career I have always made a point of up skilling and keeping updated with my industry. I needed that to come across in my business name.


After a few days mulling this all over I checked Google and Take a Letter was being used, although not by a Virtual Assistant. Refusing now to relinquish the idea I added wording to show what I was offering my clients and worked out my tagline.


I had my name!


Take A Letter Virtual Admin Services – traditional business values, working the modern way.




Choosing your business name might have been the easiest decision you have had to make or one of the hardest. How did you arrive at your business name and do you love it or are you ready for a change?