If you are a budding writer, published author or a student with a dissertation to submit, you may find the task of typing up your manuscript or notes daunting. Not everyone who writes is a typist and many people in this field hire someone else, such as a virtual assistant, to get their work ready for publishing.

However many virtual assistants offer a writer service and can provide much more. They have skills and experience in many areas, lightening your load and freeing your time and mind to write more.  Outsourcing to a VA is getting more and more popular as freelancers and small business in all fields begin to understand the advantages to working with a flexible and affordable professional administrator.


7 reasons why a virtual assistant is a great idea if you are a writer:



Of course a lot of writers like to visit the places they write about. They need to feel the atmosphere and the sights and sounds. But somebody else can easily research some of the more mundane details you may require. A virtual assistant will understand the need to research carefully, using multiple sources, and report the information found clearly with references. They can also research potential interviewees, sources and reviewers.



From formatting your work to specific publisher guidelines to getting your manuscript ready for publishing to Kindle, a VA can take on this time consuming task.


Proof reading and editing

Depending on your VA’s skillset this could just be an initial read through for spelling, grammar and/or readability while others may offer an editing service.


Emails and fan letters

Monitoring your inbox for standard queries and requests, responding if appropriate, is an easy but vital service and provides a buffer against these daily distractions. This service, along with monitoring your social media (below) could be used continually or just during your intense writing periods.


Social media

If you aren’t already promoting your writing on social media your VA can set up the relevant accounts. If you are, but you don’t have the time or inclination to keep uploading, monitoring and responding, your pages will go stale and loose interactions. A virtual assistant can do as much or as little of your social media as you require.



Setting up interviews, talks, meetings and reading events can be fiddly and can eat away at your day. Why not allow your VA to access your online calendar and schedule some of these for you.



As I mentioned at the beginning, not all writers use a keyboard. Some well known authors prefer to write long hand or to dictate their thoughts, but of course at some point these all require typing up.  A lot of VAs have worked previously as typists and secretaries and have experience of copy or audio typing. They also have the skills to do it accurately and quickly.



Why not drop me a message and take advantage of my free consultation to find out about my writer service and how I can help you.


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